Buffalo Daughter vinyl reissue out on March 20, 2019

2003年発表『Pshychic』と2007年『Euphorica』が、アナログ盤で再発決定。 アナログ化に際してはサイデラ・マスタリングのオノ・セイゲンがリマスタリングを担当。
発売日は2019年3月20日(水)、JET SET Online Shopにて予約受付中。Pshychic(シャイキック)予約ページ

Buffalo Daughter’s album Pshychic (2003) and Euphorica (2007) will be reissued in vinyl for the first time!
Remastered by Seigen Ono (Saidera Mastering), it reveals carefully crafted sound production in that era and has made them revived in present tense.
Pre-order now at JET SET Online Shop. Worldwide shipping is available.
In stores on March 20, 2019 throughout vinyl record stores near you in Japan.

Pre-order at JET SET Online Shop (worldwide shipping available):

Pre-order Pshychic
Pre-order Euphorica

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