New Rock Universe Tour – EQD pedal and vinyl give-away campaign – New Rock Universe Tour – Twitter campaign

EarthQuaker Devices is giving away autographed Hizumitas and vinyls of Buffalo Daughter and Boris!

Buy a ticket of New Rock Universe Tour, and you’ll be eligible to enter this campaign.

New Rock Universe – Buffalo Daughter x Boris with TOKIE tour

November 21, 2022 – Tokyo Liquidroom

November 29, 2022 – Osaka Club Quattro Umeda

November 30, 2022 – Nagoya Club Quattro

How to apply:

1. Buy a ticket of New Rock Universe tour

Tour info and ticket link:

2. Check the EQD Japan tweet about this campaign, retweet it with the photo of your ticket showing the date, venue and your ticket number (Seiri bango: 整理番号) with the hashtag #newrockuniverse .

One lucky winner of each shows will get all three of below:

– EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas pedal

– Buffalo Daughter autographed color vinyl (either New Rock or I)

– Boris autographed Heavy Rocks color vinyl

The campaign ends at 0 AM on each show date.

We will notify the winner via message on Twitter.  Please follow @buffalodaughter and @Borisheavyrocks so we can reach you.

The winner can get gifts at the show.

suGar participates in EXTREME NIGHT R vol. 5 (Day 1)

Improvisational session, EXTREME NIGHT R will be back for the first time in 2 years.

15 performers will be organized into 4 groups to play improvisational set. The combination will be announced on the day of the show. Even the performers won’t know about it until then.

Bar Isshee presents EXTREME NIGHT R Vol.5 (Day 1)

石原雄治  Yuji Ishihara /  オータコージ  Koji Ota /  かわいしのぶ  Shinobu Kawai /  纐纈雅代  Masayo Ayase /  坂口光央  Mitsuo Sakaguchi /  ササブチヒロシ  Hiroshi Sasabuchi /  シュガー吉永  suGar Yoshinaga / tatsu  /  テンテンコ  Tentenko /  飛田雅弘  Masahiro Tobita /  TOMO  /  美川俊治  Shunji Mikawa /  山際英樹  Hideki Yamagiwa /  山本達久  Tatsuhisa Yamamoto /  若林一也 Kazuya Wakabayashi

Date: October 15, 2022

Venue: Club GOODMAN (Akihabara, Tokyo)

18:30 door/ 19:00 show ¥3,500 adv. ¥4,000 door


Buffalo Daughter X Boris with TOKIE Tour – New Rock Universe


Ticket is on sale from 10 AM October 1, 2022

November 21, 2022 Tokyo – Liquidroom

18:00 door / 19:00 show


▶Pia (P code: 228-362)

▶Lawson (L code: 72656)

Info: 03-5464-0800 (LIQUIDROOM)

November 29, 2022 Osaka – Club Quattro Umeda

18:30 door / 19:00 show


▶Pia (P code: 228-517)

▶Lawson (L code: 53725)

Info: 06-6311-8111 (Club Quattro Umeda)

November 30, 2022 Aichi – Club Quattro Nagoya

18:30 door / 19:00 show


▶Pia (P code: 228-366):

▶Lawson (L code: 42331):

Info: 052-264-8211 (Club Quattro Nagoya)

More info:

Buffalo Daughter Japan Tour date 2022

We Are The Times Tour 2022

Tickets: Ticket Pia | e plus | Lawson Ticket (Liquidroom show only)

4500 yen Adv.

Tokyo Liquidroom

January 28, 2022 7 PM door/ 8 PM show

Info: Liquidroom 03-5464-0800


February 23, 2022Sold out 5.30 PM door/ 6 PM show

Info: TOKUZO 052-733-3709

Kyoto MUSE

February 25, 2022 7 PM door/ 7.30 PM show

Info: MUSE 075-223-0389


February 26, 2022 TBC


February 27, 2022 5.30 PM door/ 6 PM show

Info: SMASH WEST 06-6535-5569

Buffalo Daughter collaborates with DMBQ

BD and DMBQ released a split digital EP “Missing Link Between Buffalo Daughter And DMBQ” on Bandcamp

Buffalo Daughter covers DMBQ’s No Things, DMBQ covers BD’s New Rock. Listen/buy at Buffalo Daughter’s Bandcamp page.